SureFarm providing Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnostics using the Enferplex test to the animal health industry

Bulk Tank Screening

We have been developing over the last six years a new test for bovine tuberculosis called the Enferplex TB test. The test detects antibodies to bovine TB in either blood or individual milk samples. As you may be aware, the test has been accepted by the OIE (The World Organisation for Animal Health) for use to detect animals with bovine TB  missed by the current skin and interferon tests and also for identifying animals most likely to have lesions. Details of how the tests works and its performance criteria in cattle can be found on the related pages of this website.

A further area that we would also like to validate with the OIE is the test’s ability to detect bovine tuberculosis via bulk tank screening. To do so, we need a bulk milk sample, taken at some point during the days the TB test is performed, from herds that have the misfortune to have TB skin reactors contributing to the bulk tank. Given the difficulty of obtaining such samples we have teamed up with XLFarmcare, NML and a number of leading veterinary practices across the UK for help to do so.

This work is occurring with the full knowledge and permission of APHA and there are absolutely no repercussions from APHA for you if you provide permission for your bulk milk to be used. Unfortunately, though, we will not be able to report the outcome of your result back to you.

We would be massively grateful for your support in this project. Hopefully it will pave the way for a much simpler way of monitoring for bovine TB.

Alastair Hayton BVM&S DCHP MRCVS

Director SureFarm Ltd