SureFarm providing Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnostics using the Enferplex test to the animal health industry

Camelid Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) Test

Introduction to the Bovine Tuberculosis Test (Enferplex Test)

The Enferplex TB Test is a serological assay which identifies the presence of antibody to Mycobacterium bovis, the causal agent of for bovine Tuberculosis (bTB). It has been adapted for use with various species, including camelid. The test detects the presence of antibodies to bTB by use of individual antigens – antigens are parts of the Mycobacterium which generate antibodies which then bind to the antigen.  There are seven different TB antigens in the test and these are placed separately as individual spots on the surface of the test well, see figure 1. If antibody to bovine TB is present in the blood sample, then it will bind to the relevant antigen and the resultant reaction produces a luminescent reaction, the light from which can be measured and quantified as a number.