SureFarm providing Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnostics using the Enferplex test to the animal health industry

Cattle – Rules Governing the Scheme

To apply and register for the Health Scheme, herd owners should express their interest in this test via their local veterinary surgeon.  Your veterinary surgeon can then contact SureFarm Ltd to begin the registration process which is as follows:-

Please note:

  • Enferplex testing can only be used on holdings that have undergone a Gamma Interferon test.

Enferplex testing can only be used on holdings that have APHA permission, (Priv03). Please note this takes 5 working days

  • Contact Surefarm to notify us of your proposed testing date via e-mail. The confirmation e-mail from APHA must be attached to this.
  • A registration form, disclaimer and submission form is sent to the veterinary surgeon for completion with their client.  Once the registration and disclaimer is submitted this will apply to all other subsequent samples sent for the client.   Other veterinary support documents such as sampling protocols and veterinary notes for guidance will accompany the application documents. Samples should be sent to:  SureFarm Ltd, West Hill Barns, Evershot, Dorset.  DT2 0LD
  • All samples for Enferplex testing are dispatched every Wednesday.  Veterinary surgeons taking samples should aim to send samples to Sure Farm Ltd by Tuesday and notify SureFarm Ltd of their dispatch. This enables courier arrangements to be put in place.
  • New registration samples will not be sent without a completed registration form and a signed disclaimer.
  • All samples are to be accompanied by a completed submission form with notification of samples being sent.
  • The turnaround for results is approximately 14 days.  Results are reported to veterinary surgeons only.  It is the veterinary surgeons responsibility to inform their client of results received.
  • In the event of any retest required or positive findings, SureFarm Ltd will contact the veterinary surgeon directly.