SureFarm providing Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnostics using the Enferplex test to the animal health industry

How results are reported

How long will it take to report the results

Results will be reported to the owners veterinary practice.

We aim to turn around results within 14 days of receipt however as this is early days it can take longer.

How will results be reported?

The administration and the reporting of the result will all be performed via the farmer’s own veterinary practice. We will not contact individual farmers directly, unless is has been expressly agreed by that practice in writing that they are happy for this to occur.

Who will notify Defra if disease is suspected?

In the event of disease being suspected or where owners have failed to re-test positive animals under the threshold for immediate notification , Surefarm Ltd will send a copy of the sero-positive test reports to the local APHA office as well as notifying the animal keeper’s private veterinary practice. It will be the animal keeper’s private veterinary practice that will be responsible for informing the owner and also contacting their local APHA.